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Seeing how close we are to the fjord and the mountains, our life is closely intertwined with the spectacular nature around us. the weather in particular is having a great impact on all our lives and people are closely monitoring it every day. The mountain roads can close in the winter based on the weather conditions and the weather has even inspired locals, in this case Torstein Hønsi, who lives on the other fjord side to create a data visualisation software that is now selling globally - Highcharts.


The lifestyle is therefore dependent but also different in every season. It varies from being slow and cosy in the winter, to full of crazy activities in the summer months.  More about those you can find in the Activities tab.



This is the time before the long winter in which the locals are eating Smålahove (halved Sheepheads- yes you read right) and Fårikål (white cabbage with Lamb) and the tourists have left all the major attractions in and around the area. Life is getting slower and calmer. At this time of year the Colours are spectacular around the mountainside, varying from bright reds to orange, greens and browns. everybody uses the last sunny days of autumn to hike to their huts and along the trodden paths before the snow arrives. then  the hike will only be possible with skis or Truges (snow shoes). Mostly in October you can see the first sugarcoated Mountaintops and the first night frost arrives. Make sure to put your winter tyres on your car as the mountain roads can easily from one day to the next turn into snowy ice tracks. You certainly do not want to be caught up in those.

This time of year is also often quite windy and the days slowly get darker and darker once you reach the end of October. Be prepared to have many candles, good movies and many lovely books ready for the time when the weather is cold and rainy.

But also be prepared to have a full kit of waterproof hiking gear as you are not a real Fjording if you have not hiked a mountain in pouring rain. Norwegians will confirm, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing!





So, you would need to get used to some proper winter tyres (with spikes in them) in winter and learn to drive on snowy roads.  The roads are Icy and can be tricky to drive, however they are looked after very well.

Life continues at any weather here. airports run, kids go to school and people go to work independent if it has snowed 10cm or 2m. So no way out!

Speaking about winter, the Dark winters are not as Dark as you might expect them to. The weeks that are darker to the winter in the UK or northern parts of the US are from the End of November until mid of January. There the Sun rises around 9am and sets around 3pm. So we do have some sun, not as much as we like, but still more than many parts in northern Norway.

This is our hygge time, a time where we light lots of candles, fire our ovens and prepare our houses for "Jul" the christmas time. We meet with friends and more importantly look out for the Northern lights in the evening. Those Northern lights might not be as regular and strong as in northern norway, but they are even more spectacular if you can watch them right infront of your house.

We have crazy Christmas Parties at work, celebrate St. Lucia and eat Pinnekjøtt (Lamb or Mutton Ribs).





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