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Fjordane is an area full of smaller hamlets and a lot of the locals rent out their houses or parts of them in the summer to tourists. 

So, you won't find many towering blocks or terraced houses around here, instead there are the standard detached wooden houses in all shades and colours and the many farms with lots of outer buildings and acres of land around them. 

And, you know what? We don't have fences and lots of parking space. In fact fences we actually only use for the sheep in the area.


Please find below a list of properties currently for sale. However, due to some privacy concerns we cannot always add every house here, so just Contact us and we can give you more information.


A farm incl. 300 hectars of land, beach, boat house and cabin in the mountains

Situated overlooking the Sværefjord (part of the Sognefjord) and its nature surroundings.

The small farm has a terraced two storey house, outbuildings, outer house, garage, log house and workshop. The single family house was build 2011-2013. Building has normal architectural design and practical planning and interior design. Building and technical installations have normal building standards and double garage. The property has an outbuilding / early operation building built in 1940, wood house and workshop from about 1920 and garage. Cabin / cottage on the mountain in Risbotn.

The property is 300 hectars large. Of this, 20 hectars are cultivated. The rest is woods and fields in steep terrain. You can use the plot to collecting wood for your own use. The ownership has a share in hunting with deer hunting and a share in the mountains around the Risbotn area (Gaularfjell - see pictures) with hunting and fishing.

The property has its own beach line with boathouse.


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