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Welcome to Fjordane, a beautiful area by the Sognefjord in the Balestrand commune in Norway. We are a group of local "Fjordingar" that would like to show you not only what we have to offer but also encourage you to brainstorm what life in norway, surrounded by mountains and fjords might look like.


Have you ever wanted to move to another country? are you sick and tired of the traffic and busy lifestyle  that hardly leaves time for family or anything else beside work? Maybe there is a chance you have considered Norway as a place to live. With all the "hygge" and "scandinoir" going on at the moment, we can imagine that there might be a chance for it and seeing that most of all Norwegians speak English often fluently, with flights from London to Bergen or Oslo being cheap as chips why not have a little brainstorm?


This page is there to inspire you on what is possible and to show you what life is really like by the fjords of Norway. We will try and cover most of the general areas of interest, however for  questions and concerns, just get in touch with us! We have native Brits on stand-by to help you and will do our best to guide you.


Don't waste any more time, become a "Fjording".

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Flytt til Fjordane - Flytt til Sogn og Fjordane   

Move to Fjordane - Move to Norway 

Zieh nach Fjordane - Auswandern nach Norwegen


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